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Divine Timing

“All in good time.”

Things don’t always arrive or resolve at the time we desire or expect, but I believe everything arrives and resolves at the correct time.

The concept of divine timing requires a larger perspective than “it’s all about me”. The universe is functioning and moving, and will continue to do so, with or without my conscious efforts. That’s definitely not to say that our actions are meaningless and we should never bother trying.

Divine timing is a similar situation to the child that demands ice cream, but the parent refuses because it’s not the right time.

Often in life we need to go through challenges before we can receive our desired outcome. Along the way throughout the challenges we learn and gain life experience, and sometimes our desired outcome pales in comparison to the outcome we end up with, because we had no way of perceiving it before, so how could we have ever desired it in the first place?

Going through daily life I often lose sight of divine timing, I get impatient, I try to rush things or cut corners as all humans are capable of. However when I am consciously able to let go of my stress of taking action to make things happen and I remember that my actions are part of a bigger picture than just me, it definitely helps my life to flow more freely.